Carlos Marks

Carlos Alegre - violin, Misha Marks - latarra, Jacobo Guerrero -percussion, Alain Cano - double bass

 The group is comprised of violin, latarra (a DIY electric guitar made from an old Mexican first-aid box) Middle Eastern percussion, diverse objects, double bass, accordion, baritone horn and voices. Carlos Marks work with a wide and contrasting scope of sonorities that range from subtle textures and sophisticated melodies to ecstatic and aggressive improvisations.  Complex arrangements suddenly open up and explode, giving way to raw free improvisation, then return to defined structure.  The rhythmic, harmonic and melodic deconstructions result in a dizzying and provocative listening experience in which the audience is confronted with multiple references to diverse musical languages, sometimes so distorted or diffused that they become almost unrecognizable.

Tr¿oGlodytas - Trio with Gustavo Nandayapa - (drums) and Alfonso Muñoz (sax). 

Rolling Eye

Blair Latham - bass clarinet, saxophone, Misha Marks - latarra, baritone horn, Darío Bernal - drums, field recordings


Rolling Eye came to being in 2008 when New Zealanders Blair Latham and Misha Marks relocated themselves to Mexico. They landed first in the coastal town of Puerto Vallarta, where after one month and numerous failed attempts at finding gigs they realized they were in the wrong place. Misha moved to Mexico City and Blair to Cozumel. A year later Blair moved to Mexico City and the project resumed. In 2010 Rolling Eye became a trio with the presence of Darío Bernal Villegas on the drums. All three members compose music for the group, they alternate composed material with free-improvisation defined by extreme dynamics, and a heavy freejazz element and deep sonic explorations.





Generación Espontánea

Mexican free-improvisation project, with: Wilfrido Terrazas, Ramón del Buey, Carlos Alegre, Darío Bernal, Alexander Bruck, Natalia Pérez, Fernando Vigueras, Misha Marks.


Nabuzenko is: 


Carlos Pichardo - alto and soprano saxophones

Rodrigo De Leo - tenor saxophone

Darío Bernal - drums

Jacobo Guerrero - percussion

Rodrigo Acevedo - electric bass

Misha Marks - baritone horn, latarra